COVID-19: An important message from our staff!

Lately, we’ve heard a lot of folks talking about how they haven’t been in to see their doctor because of the COVID-19 pandemic. GRMC would like to continue to reach out to everyone to help make sure everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Here are a few important messages from our staff:
1. Please keep your doctor’s appointments! We understand staying home, but COVID-19 doesn’t put your other health conditions on hold. Don’t hurt yourself by putting off a visit that you need.ย Medical care is considered essential!

2. Our clinics are safe and ready to see you! Do not think that you are burdening our medical staff by making a new appointment, we work in medicine because we care about your health, that will never change. We have also taken special precautions to keep you safe!

3. Again, your health is essential! Please remember that our front line workers are here to help you stay well. Help us help you!

To schedule an appointment with your primary care provider please call (785) 890-6075 or reach the hospital at (785) 890-3625.

Thank you!

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