Jeff was born in Emporia, Kansas, but moved to Texas as a child.  After serving in the US Marine Corps, Jeff was a law enforcement officer for over 8 years (and another 10 as a reserve deputy). As a sergeant with the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office in the mountains of southwest Colorado, he cross-trained as a paramedic, and received extensive experience in mountain Search and Rescue and backcountry medicine.

Jeff met his wife, Jenny, in paramedic school, and as Emergency Medicine came to the forefront of his interests, he moved to Denver to be with Jenny and pursue certification as a physician assistant at the Red Rocks Physician Assistant Program.  Subsequently, Jeff completed his Master of Medical Science degree and earned the NCCPA CAQ in Emergency Medicine.

After spending the last 15 years working in high-volume urban emergency departments, Jeff and two like-minded colleagues (Steve Swan and Paul Young) formed a medical staffing company with the desire to provide emergency medical care in a rural, critical-access environment, and feel privileged to be serving the community of Goodland.

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