Steve grew up in New Hampshire and is the only one in my family that left for greener pastures. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Greek Studies at Southeastern University in Florida and after taking additional prerequisite science courses, Steve did his medical training at Emory University in Atlanta.

After meeting his wife during his junior year of college, he found she enjoyed the outdoors but since she’s from the Bahamas she refused to go to the cold North. So, they needed a Plan B. Steve loves mountains and snow so they decided to try Colorado. They moved just north of Denver in 2004 and absolutely love it. Steve and his wife now have 2 wonderful daughters in 6th and 8th grade. He started my career working in an Internal Medicine practice in Española, New Mexico in a rural, underserved clinic. Steve loved the patients and really found his heart was in the rural environment but he wanted to be in the Emergency Department setting. Steve eventually moved to Denver where he has been for the last 16 years, working in the Denver Metro region for 4 different Hospitals in the St Anthony system. This exposure has given Steve the chance to develop an emergency skillset that he is so happy to bring to Goodland. Steve is here combining his love of rural medicine and Emergency Medicine with this opportunity in Goodland. His heart is to do the best for the patient, taking into account all the complexities that make up a person. A patient can come to Steve with a medical need but the solution is not just care for the body but to help them deal with the stressors from the emergency and bring them into the decision making process as much as possible.

Steve has done a significant amount of international volunteer work with Compassion International and he has learned that the key to bringing help to any area is to discover what the community is already doing well and support that. There is no reason to invent a new way of doing things when the community knows what they need and he can complement that with his skills. Steve’s personal loves are first his family. He strives to be a present father and husband. The more snowboarding and adventure, the better. He prefers to jump off of things and go fast, that’s his definition of fun. He is also heavily involved in Jiu-Jitsu, and has been training competitively for the last 5 years.

Steve hopes to impact Goodland by bringing experience and passion for medicine to this community and augment the system that is already doing so many things right. He counts himself grateful to be part of this team.

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