A Different Type of Mask…

Being prepared is key in a pandemic and one local citizen went above and beyond to help Goodland Regional Medical Center be ready and proactive. Daniel Melia, of Burlington, CO, helped the GRMC emergency preparedness team to create an amazing 3D printed mask that provides most staff with another reusable option to N95 Masks.

“When this pandemic, COVID-19 hit our area we were told about a gentleman who lived in Burlington, CO that was ahead of the curve and was helping local hospitals make PPE with a 3D printer. I reached out to Daniel to see if he’d be willing to assist us in our fight against COVID-19 and without hesitation he began working with us and making a specific mask for our employees along with other items at no cost to the hospital,” stated Jesse Guajardo, GRMC Incident Command Leader.

The masks are used just like an N95 mask, to prevent airborne infectious viruses, but what’s different about these specific masks? The masks actually have a ridged shell made by the 3D printer and an inlet where a PFT filter adapts onto the mask. They also come in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps.  The filter the mask uses is a P98 filter, which means it filters 98% of particles 0.3 microns or larger.  The filters can be replaced and changed out with each usage.  GRMC has done a qualitative fit test on some of our staff, in which case most of the employees fit-tested did pass. GRMC plans to do an additional quantitative fit test in September.

In response to Daniel’s generosity, the employees of GRMC raised money for a gift card for Daniel and his family. The employees of GRMC wanted to share their appreciation for all he has done.

Jesse Guajardo exclaimed that, “We are very grateful for what Daniel Melia has done for Goodland Regional Medical Center and would like to say THANK YOU to him and his family!”

Pictured Above is Jesse Guajardo, GRMC Incident Command leader
and Daniel Melia.
The 3D printed mask with PFT filter.

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