GRMC Entrance Reminder

Over the past year and due to COVID-19, Goodland Regional Medical Center and Goodland Family Health Center have updated their entrances to keep all patients, visitors, and staff safe.

Upon arriving, please remember to check in with our patient service representatives, answer the COVID-19 screening questions, and to wear a mask. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call ahead to (785) 890-6075.

Which entrance do I use when?

— The former main circle drive entrance is now an Employee Only Entrance and is locked.

— The former central registration entrance is now the entrance for Specialty Clinic and Surgery appointments. These doors are only unlocked on the days we have specialty providers or surgeries scheduled.

— The Goodland Family Health Center is now acting as the main entrance. All primary care provider visits and all other hospital services appointments (except for specialty clinic and surgery visits) will need to come to this entrance.

— The Emergency Room Entrance is open twenty-four hours per day for all emergency needs.

If you have any concerns, please contact our Risk Department at [email protected].

Thank you. 

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