GRMC Joins Statewide Campaign Urging Kansans to ‘Catch Up On Care’

April 26, 2021 – There was a noticeable drop in preventative care visits to health care providers in 2020. To urge individuals to revisit their health care provider and reclaim their health, Goodland Regional Medical Center is joining other Kansas hospitals in the Catch Up on Care campaign.

The Catch Up on Care campaign is a response to the decline of annual health care visits in 2020. There is considerable concern this drop will lead to increased numbers of advanced or life-threatening illnesses. One such example is the nearly 25,000 Kansans who delayed cancer screenings last year.  

“We saw a decline in preventative health care from data and anecdotal evidence. This is affecting children to adults by delaying timely immunizations, screenings for disease and management of chronic conditions. The Catch Up on Care campaign is a reminder to reopen a line of communication with your health care provider,” said Andy Flemer, GRMC Interim CEO and Travis Daise, MD, GRMC Chief of Medical Staff.

We encourage everyone to schedule any missed visits with their health care providers. Catch up on:

  • Physical exams
  • Annual screenings
  • Well child visits and immunizations
  • Chronic care check ups
  • Delayed surgical procedures
  • Behavioral and psychological assessments

Regular visits and annual screenings are the best way to maintain your health. They also allow health care providers to identify and address serious conditions earlier. Now is the time to catch up on what you missed and reclaim your health journey.   

Please contact Goodland Family Health Center at (785) 890-6075 to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or contact Goodland Regional Medical Center at (785) 890-3625 for specialist provider appointments and all hospital services.

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