GRMC Lifting Restrictions Plan: Phase 1- Effective June 1, 2020

GFHC lobby will be open to patients:

  • Patients being seen in the clinic will complete the screening questionnaire during the electronic registration process. (Instructions on our electronic registration process will be given when you call into the clinic to schedule your appointment.)
  • Patients being seen for outpatient services (laboratory/diagnostic imaging) or specialty clinic services will continue to be screened by staff at the entrance to GFHC. Lab and diagnostic imaging patients will stay in the clinic until a staff member escorts them for services.

Specialty Clinic Lobby: Please note- The specialty clinic door will NOT be open for entrance.  It will remain LOCKED at this time.

  • After patients are screened at the GFHC entrance, they may proceed to the specialty clinic lobby to wait for a staff member to escort them for services.
  • Auxiliary gift shop will be open per their regular schedule. All Auxiliary members must complete the employee screening form and wear a mask when in the building.


  • Visitor restrictions will remain in effect as written. (Please see below)
  • All patients, visitors, staff must wear a mask when in the building. If you have one, all patients/visitors will need to bring their own facial covering. If anyone coming into the facility does not have a mask, GRMC can provide them with one.
  • The entrance to dialysis/outpatient infusion/oncology will be open for patients receiving those services. Screening will be conducted by the GRMC employees working in those departments.
  • Patients entering through the ER entrance will be screened at the door.

Visitor Restrictions:

We continue to have our “No Visitor” Restrictions in place for the protection of visitors, patients, and staff!

Some Visitor Restriction Exceptions include:

  • Under age of 18 
  • Power of attorney for patients who are unable to make medical decisions without assistance 
  • Patients who require physical assistance
  • Pregnant woman will be allowed one support person

Remember: GFHC now has Telehealth visits available!! If you need to see your provider but aren’t comfortable coming into the clinic, please call (785) 890-6075 for more information on how to get set up for a telehealth visit.  

Please, Please, Please, continue taking care of your health! We are following all recommendations to practice safety and it is important to not put your chronic conditions or any acute illness needs on hold. GRMC is a safe place!

If you have any questions please call us at (785) 890-3625. Thank you!

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