Hospital Seeking Local Input on Health Needs

Goodland Regional Medical Center (GRMC), in conjunction with the Sherman County Public Health Department, is conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) from November 1 through December 31. The purpose of this assessment is to identify major community health challenges, gaps in service, and other factors that may contribute to unmet health needs locally.

“We hope that every Sherman County resident, ages 18 and over, will participate in the survey,” said Jennifer Cure, Sherman County Health Officer. “All of the health service providers in the county – whether medical, dental, vision, or other alternative medicine – need to understand what the true needs of our residents are, what prevents people from receiving care, and how we can improve services to better meet those needs.”

Produced every three to five years, the CHNA provides critical data gathered from public surveys and focus groups to determine the health needs of Sherman County citizens. The report will be published on the GRMC and Sherman County Public Health Department websites and printed copies are available upon request from these organization.

The first step in the CHNA process is a citizen survey, which is being conducted by a third party, Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation (GNWKCF). The public survey will open November 1. The goal is to get as many Sherman County citizens as possible to respond to ensure every voice is heard.

Surveys can be completed online until December 31 at: (English)

or (Spanish).

Paper copies in English or Spanish are available upon request by calling GRMC at 785-890-6036 or by emailing [email protected].

“The survey is completely anonymous,” stated Carol Sloper, consultant from GNWKCF. “I know some people are hesitant to provide personal data or opinions in surveys, but there is no way to link responses to any individual. These surveys are confidential and anonymous. Without honest and complete feedback, the CHNA will not paint the true picture of Sherman County’s health needs.”

Responses from citizens will help guide action steps in addressing concerns or barriers.  Once the survey is complete, community input will be sought through a stakeholder forum open to the public to help prioritize goals, develop objectives, and establish a strategic plan to improve the health outcomes of Sherman County.

“The CHNA is an essential part of the hospital leadership teams visioning,” stated Ronald Robinson, GRMC CEO and Administrator. “While it’s a requirement of critical access hospitals to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, we view it as more than just checking a box. It helps us take a look at the services we provide and how they are delivered compared to what our community really needs. It is a chance to make adjustments to ensure health equity in Sherman County.”

In 2013, the CHNA outlined concerns regarding physician recruitment and retention, expanded access to mental health care services, regional collaboration among health care providers, chronic disease prevention and health and wellness (exercise, nutrition, etc.). One question on the 2020 survey is to gauge whether there have been improvements made in any of these areas.

All citizens of Sherman County are encouraged to take this survey.  A link to the survey can be found on the hospital or county health department’s websites, Facebook pages, or accessed directly at (in English)

or (in Spanish).

For more information about the survey, contact Amy Dovidio at 785-890-6036 or [email protected].

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