Resignation of CEO/CMO, Ronald Robinson, MD

For Immediate Release

November 12, 2020

Goodland and Atwood, KS – Goodland Regional Medical Center and Rawlins County Health Center are announcing the resignation of CEO/CMO Ronald Robinson, MD, effective November 20, 2020.

During Dr. Robinson’s time at both RCHC and GRMC, he has been instrumental in bringing a collaborative approach to patient care. He has provided excellent leadership and knowledge in delivering financial sustainability for both facilities and was a vital component in preparing the hospitals for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While we are sad to see Dr. Robinson leave, he has been asked to be the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Denver VA beginning Monday, November 23, 2020. His outstanding leadership and knowledge will help our nation’s veterans receive quality healthcare in his new role.

During the transition, Josh Neff, Vice President of Integration and Rural Health with Centura, will be the interim CEO at both facilities. As Centura’s executive leader for Rural Health, Josh has worked hand-in-hand with both hospitals, their respective boards, providers, and leadership teams for the last two years. He will be working with both hospital boards and key stakeholders to recruit a new CEO. GRMC and RCHC wish Ron well on his new endeavor and are excited to work with Josh daily.

Greg Cure , GRMC Board of Trustees, Chairperson

Harlan Holste, RCHC Board of Trustees, Chairperson

Media Contacts:

Amy Dovidio, GRMC [email protected]

Suzanna Koel, RCHC [email protected]

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